AI Product Photography

Use AI to create scenes for product photoshoot

Create beautiful product photos! Use Windy AI Product Photography Studio to generate product photos easily without spending time and money in a traditional product photoshoot. This AI product photo generator creates amazing product photos instantly for you.


AI Automation

AI can automatically retouch and edit product images to make them more visually appealing. This can include background removal, color correction, and more, reducing the need for manual editing. AI can combine a generated background with your product and merge them into a beautiful product photo.

Time and Cost Savings

AI can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional photography and editing. You can create multiple product images quickly and efficiently. Instead of spending time finding professional product photography studios, and then taking even more time to get your product photos taken, you can use AI product photography to save time. Traditional pricing for product photography is about $100-$300/hr. Not every small business can afford the time and money, and using AI can make product photoshoots more affordable.

Privacy Assurance

Your product images are treated with utmost privacy. You can delete your uploaded product images, or your generated content will be automatically deleted from our server after a certain time period. Our AI product photo booth is available for free users. However, premium users get to retain their images and also enjoy enhanced privacy settings.

AI-Powered Enhancer and Generator

AI Product Photo Generator can enhance the aesthetics of product images, making them more appealing to customers and potentially increasing conversion rates. Using customer behavior and preferences, you can provide personalized product descriptions and tailor product images to individual customers. You can use the tool to create product mockups with different backgrounds that can appeal to different customers.

Infinite Variations

Once you upload your product images, the background is segmented and isolated. The AI model generates new backgrounds using the context of your subject, background, and text prompt. It creates amazing background images that are consistent with the style, lighting, and perspective of the original image. It also blends the product with its refiner and neural blender to create a beautiful product picture blended with a photoshoot background.

How to use.

Take a photo of your product against any background. A simple background like against a wall or table would be more effective. Then upload it to Windy AI Product Photo generator. Choose and type a description of the settings you want. It can be anything from a sunrise, ocean, wildlife, forest, and any setting you can imagine. After a few seconds, you will get a product photo. Then crop to the right sizes and upload to any of the ecommerce websites such as Etsy, Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, Amazon, Ebay, etc.


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