Install WindyBot on Slack - It's Easier Than a Breeze!

Slack @Windy & Chat Away

After you install WindyBot on your Slack workspace, you can start messaging @Windy. As you type "@Windy" , you should see it as a suggested person. If not, try under Apps - > Add Apps to see if you can add Windy. If you cannot see it, try installing Windy again.
Windy Phone list

Unbelievable Feats You Can Achieve with Windy

1. Return data request in CSV format

Windy Phone list

2. Rewrite sentence in a humorous way

Windy Humor Response

3. Help you code

Windy The Programmer

Even improve it

Windy Algorithm

4. Windy the artist

Windy The Artist

Free AI Units to start. No credit card required.
  • An AI Unit is the unit of resource consumed by the AI engine.
  • After free AI Units, a low entry cost at $5 for 1000 AI Units which is approximately 300,000 words for article generation.
  • The level of complexity of the task and the amount of work or words produced can range from 0.2 AI Units to 20 AI Units or more.
  • A 450 word article for example cost about 1 - 1.5 AI Unit to generate.
  • Bonus AI Units for higher value plan.
AI Units Pricing
Free Trial AI Units to Start

Desktop, web and mobile.
  • Intelligent, eloquent and fine tune for various use cases.
  • Your valuable team member on Slack
  • Ask questions on mobile, desktop and web.
  • Put GPT to work for you on Slack
  • Low entry pricing