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Create images from sketches using our Sketch to Image Converter


Turn your line drawing art or sketch to photo. Transform and convert your sketch into new works of art. Using Windy AI Sketch to Image converted, you can simply upload your drawing and watch AI transform it and reimagine the drawing for you.


Sketch to Image AI

Our AI Sketch to image converter converts your rough sketches into colored images and digital art effortlessly using advanced AI sketch to image AI models. If you are a designer, artist, or entrepreneur, our AI sketch generator is the ideal solution for quickly turning sketch ideas and converting sketches into digital art

How to turn sketches into digital art?

Take a picture of your line drawing artwork or sketch. Upload it and watch our AI sketch to image convert your sketch into a digital photo artwork. Embark on a transformative journey as you seamlessly transition your raw, hand-drawn sketches into intricately detailed images and captivating digital art

Edit your sketches

After converting your sketch to image, you can continue to edit the resulting pic by using our powerful photo editor. Using other AI tools, you can also create variations of your sketches.

AI-Powered Enhancement

Our AI models go beyond simple conversions. They enhance the quality and details of your sketch-to-image transformations, resulting in stunning visual output. Pick from different models to produce different effects. As a designer, you'll find a versatile companion in our AI sketch generator, capable of interpreting your design concepts and generate creative possibilities.

Sketch To Image Converter

Are you in search of a robust AI tool that can bring your simple design ideas to life? Look no further than our AI sketch converter! Windy Sketch to image AI converter possesses the ability to swiftly analyze basic sketch drawings and generate an infinite number of sketch ideas and images using AI. In the past, many of the algorithms can easily transform a picture to drawing or line art. To turn a photo into sketch, non AI algorithms can be employed. However, to turn a sketch into a photo, the job is better done by AI that is able to generate different art based on the lines and edges that control the diffusion model.

Different Style

Use Windy AI Sketch to image converter to paint digital art using different styles. Whether it is pop art, cyberpunk, anime, Disney, oil painting, easily instruct AI to repaint your sketches into different art genres. After uploading, all you need to do is to type a prompt that helps imagine what your sketch can be and you can also specify a style for it.


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