AI Room Design & Generator

Use AI to visualize, decorate and create personalized virtual room designs effortlessly.

Design stunning rooms effortlessly! Utilize Windy AI Interior Room Design Studio to generate unique room designs easily without the hassle of traditional interior design. This AI room design generator creates new bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom, dining room, kitchen, fireplace and other design ideas and amazing room visualizations instantly for you.


AI Automation

AI can automatically visualize and enhance room designs, providing different settings and styles to make them more visually appealing with the room existing layout. This can include furniture placement, color schemes, and more, reducing the need for manual design efforts. AI can combine a generated room layout with your preferences and merge them into a beautiful room design. You can set different styles such as Traditional, Modern, Contemporary, Transitional, Farmhouse, Industrial, Scandinavian, Cottage, Mediterranean, Coastal, Mid-Century Modern and Rustic.

Time and Cost Savings

Our AI home decor generator can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with traditional interior design for your home. You can create multiple room designs quickly and efficiently. Instead of spending time consulting with professional interior designers and waiting for design proposals, you can use AI room design plan your room and save time. Traditional pricing for home interior design can be expensive, and using AI can make room visualizations more affordable. Once you have a sense of your design inspired by AI generated designs, you can consult with your designer to modify and achieve your dream design.

AI-Powered Enhancer and Generator

AI Room Design Generator can enhance the aesthetics of room layouts, making them more appealing to users and helping them visualize different styles. Using user preferences, you can provide personalized room descriptions and tailor designs to individual users. You can use the tool to create room mockups with different settings that can appeal to different preferences. Our AI room planner can easily generate different ideas as reference designs.

Infinite Variations

Once you input your room preferences, the AI model generates new designs using the context of your style, preferences, and design prompt. It creates amazing room layouts that are consistent with the chosen style, lighting, and perspective. It also blends the design with its refiner and neural blender to create a beautiful room visualization blended with your selected settings.

How to use.

Describe your preferred room style and settings. It can be anything from modern, minimalist, vintage, coastal, and any style you can imagine. Then upload any relevant details or inspiration images. After a few seconds, you will get a room design. Adjust and customize as needed and use it for your interior design projects or personal inspiration. Its like having a Room GPT for your interior design needs.

Room design styles

Select from over 45+ styles ranging from American Colonial, Art Deco, Bauhaus, Bohemian, Candy Land, Colonial, Contemporary, Cosmic Chic, Cottage, Cyberpunk, Egyptian Revival, Farmhouse, French Country, Futuristic, Gothic, High-Tech, Hollywood Regency, Industrial, Italian Renaissance, Japandi, Japanese Zen, Mediterranean, Maximalist, Mid-Century Modern, Minimalist, Moroccan, Neo-Classical, Nautical, Pop Art, Post Apocalyptic, Psychedelic, Regency, Russian Revival, Rustic, Scandinavian, Shabby Chic, Southwestern, Steampunk, Surrealist, Traditional, Transitional, Tropical, Urban Modern and Victorian

Privacy Assurance

Your room designs are treated with utmost privacy. You can delete your uploaded room layouts, or your generated content will be automatically deleted from our server after a certain time period. Our AI room design studio is available for free users. Premium users get to retain their designs and also enjoy other powerful features.


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